Luna Kirsche

(Maria Barbosa)
Luna Kirsche is a Designer and Illustrator with 8 years of experience. Luna worked for 5 years as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer for the Portuguese Fashion Photographer, Mário Príncipe, and as a freelance Illustrator working for a several worldwide client like the brand Koalabi Australia, the fashion designer Shrekahnth, Hands Up Holidays, and others.
Now it's time to grow and leave the past on the portfólio (www.mariadasideias.com) and build a new future!
Currently also working the Design Studio Papelagem, designing for brands as Nivea, Eucerin, Harmony, Wurth, etc.
The illustrations are influenced mostly by asian cultures, since Luna can remember the orient has been present in her life. As the time went by Luna start to study asian art, chinese calligraphy, chinese traditional paintings and symbology... also, everyone have freckles!
Currently studying Korean culture and language at King Sejong Institute Lisbon.




Merit Award - Hiiibrand.com Hiii Illustration competition 2015


Merit - 3x3 International Illustration Show No.12


Merit Award - Hiiibrand.com Hiii Illustration competition 2014

1st place - ETIC international illustration competition

Behance portfolio reviews award

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